Thursday, September 22, 2011

IT'S A.......

Drum roll please!!!!!


How can one person be so blessed!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Had my Level 2 Ultrasound yesterday and it was amazing. The nurse that performed my ultrasound was awesome, she explained everything.  Every little part of my babies body and how it was functioning. She was so laid back and care free, she let me entire family come in the room, it was 6 of them total :-). Yes we come as a big crowd! I have opted not to have an amnio. All the testing via ultrasounds and blood testing is good for me. My chances for my baby having downs syndrome had dropped dramatically, almost down to the rate of a 20 year old. So I am OK, and to be quite honest, no matter what I am keeping my baby, so I do not want to put her life at any risk with the amnio.

The doctor says my baby is perfectly healthy. I asked could I stop worrying now, the nurse said you should have been stopped worrying. I know this is so bad, but I still think of all the bad that could happen. I have been so blessed through this whole process, and every day I ask God to forgive me for my bad thoughts. But you hear all the horror stories and I just can't help but wonder. I tell myself take it one day at a time, and not worry. I am so amazed at how blessed and seamless this pregnancy has been and sometimes cannot believe this is all happening to me.  I was taught to never question God and his wonders, but man I am so grateful that He chose me to bless do abundantly! All I can say is THANK YOU!

I will keep on saying Thank You, even through the good and the bad because this feeling today and yesterday is AMAZING!

I already love this little girl so much, I am afraid of how spoiled she is going to be with all the love and support my family and friends have been showing me. Oh well, I will deal with that too! I guess I can start thinking about nursery and such, how exciting!  Boy oh boy, how awesome this has been!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

God Bless America... 9/11/01

As I sit here this morning, watching all the coverage of the TERRIBLE events of 9/11/01 it saddens me like this act of terrible violence happened yesterday.  I am originally from NY and went to college in MD, so the trauma was felt very close to home. But no matter how close or far you were on that day, your life was touch and will probably never forget how you felt at those moments.

I was driving to work when I got a call that there was a plane crash in NY, I was in shock like Man how does that happen. But it came to me really fast that this was no accident! I was devastated, hurt and angry. I could not believe this was happened. Twin Towers, Pentagon and an open field in PA.  I was horrified and still to this day remain horrified.

As i sit here thinking about the evil people who made this decision to attack America, I think of the life growing inside of me. I already love this child so much and i want nothing more to protect him or her from all pain and sorrow, but I know I cannot.  I pray everyday that he or she will not have to face the tragedy we felt in our lifetime but with such evilness around us you never know.

To all those who have lost someone on 9/11 and/or in the war against terriorism may God bring you peace and comfort. To those who are no longer with us, may your souls forever rest in Peace!  God Bless America!!!

To my Future Child: As your mom and on earth protector (Jesus and God are your ultimate protectors) I want to always bring you joy and peace of mind. However, I will warn you that life will get hard and there will be bad people around that will  make that peace very hard.  I will teach you all about 9/11 and the legacy that day leaves behind. So if you ever have to face such tragedy, you will know how to always handle with compassion, dignity, and respect! Those attributes will take you a long way in life. Always remember your neighbor in need and help them...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Announcing it!!!

So I have sent out announcements to my family and started to be more free about my new joy! Pregnancy! It is amazing the reactions I am getting.  All positive, I guess it is because they are probably thinking well it just about time. LOL

I made a side comment on Twitter the other day, and a couple of people caught on, which was cute. I am so proud to say "yes I am pregnant".  To my surprise, the people who I thought would question "who the father is" have not. Some people don't ask at all. It could be becuase I have a special freind, whom is always around and they may be assuming he is the father. 

I know some of my fellow bloggers have been super sick during their pregnancies, SOOO sorry ladies!!! I can honestly say this has been so smooth. I pray labor and delivery is the same (such luck.. lol). I do tire really quick, but that is nothing compared to some of my fellow prego ladies.  Hang in there ladies, it will pass.

My family is in full swing planning a baby shower, yes already! They are so in love with the fact that I am having a baby, it just makes me so happy inside and out.  I think I am starting to look pregnant, some people say yes,  but most people say no. I did tell my boss and he was happy for me. Still debating how to tell my employees, they are a funny group of people. So I will probably do it all at once, so no one feel left out. 

In a nutshell, I am EXCITED and completely OVERJOYED with being pregnant and my CHOICE! Thank God for Choices!