Thursday, November 3, 2011


I know.. I know.. I has been almost a month since I have blogged.. SHAME on me. But I have been so overwhelmed with the joys of pregnancy days seems to go by faster. 23w5d...

Well my little lady is moving quite a bit and I just love the feeling.  I remember the first time I felt her move, kind of startled me,  because I didn't expect to feel her so soon.  But she made sure I knew it was here.  My niece was home from college, so I called her. She was delighted as well.. :-)

I think my little girl likes music.  Whenever I am listening to music loud she moves all about, and has a good ole time. Or not.. LOL.. she could be saying Mommy, I care not listen to that.  I am going to go with she likes it.  Her mom likes music, so she has to get used to it being around all the time.

I have started talking to her, my family does too.  It is so special!  Everyone loves this little girl to pieces and they have not even seen her little precious face yet.  The love she is being shown is unbelievable some days and it really warms my heart.

This past weekend, me, my Mom, Sister and niece did my registries. Super exciting... BUT I did have a bit of anxiety.  No other to put down, no co-parent.  Made me a little sad, I didn't mention it or let it seem like it bothered me, but it did a little.  I guess these are the things I have to get used to.  My daughter will only have one parent.  It does seem as if these companies are making it a little less stressful for Choice Moms.  When registering they do not make you feel like Father is required. So that helped,  but I have always dreamed to be able to register a mother and a father for my child.  Oh well, such is life! Most days I am just as content with no Daddy. But then it does hit me randomly, WHY does my daughter have to not have a father.  Why did her Mom's life turn this way.  She is so special to me already, that I just want the best for her and I have always thought Mom and Dad was what was best.  I guess I have to show her and the world that Mom and extended family is enough!  Not going to say it doesn't make me long for a committed relationship with a man, because it does.  I just keep remembering this is God's plan for me and my babies life! And thank HIM for it!

My pregnancy has been truly amazing.  Never did have morning sickness, how awesome is that :-). She has been such a good girl.  I go in 2 weeks for my glucose test... What fun.. LOL Praying for the very best outcome!!! Well I am going to try to do much better with this!!!

To my Little Girl: HEY I can stop saying future child.. I know it is a girl :-).  You have been such a blessing to me already.  I am already learning so much about myself, just having you here with me every day. I know our lives is not may not be like the you make friends and we do not have Daddy at home.  But like I will tell you every day, you are special, different, unique.  So, while there may be days you wish you were like everyone else, thank God that you have the loving family you have been blessed with.  And there may be no biologically Dad around.  You have so many more people to love you. Your uncle, your aunts, your cousins, your Nanny, me and most important Jesus! When you do not feel I understand God will never leave nor forsake you. NEVER.. So know you are never alone! Love you to pieces!!!