Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gotta a Buddy!!!

I found out about a week or so ago that one of my friends is also pregnant. I am completely overjoyed to have someone near to swap stories with that will actually understand the pain, queasiness, and sleepiness of pregnancy.

I am so happy for her :-)..  She is deserving of motherhood!!! I am praying for her healthy pregnancy and baby!

We have started taking brief walks which helps me a lot. It is hard getting started but once I get going I am a-ok. Pregnancy has been good to me, no real sickness. It is seldom and not to severe when I get nausea, so I am feeling really blessed. That is not to say that my emotions are not haywire and I can't go through a full day without feeling like a need a pillow and bed.

I am really excited about my next few appointments, I get to hear the heartbeat at one and then will most likely find out the sex on the next. All in September!!! YEAH!!!

Can't wait!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

How Amazing!

Life has been great and my baby is great as well. As promised, I am attaching the ultrasound from my last post (I know I am a little late):

Aww, cute little teddy bear!
 Since I am 35, I am considered high risk so I have been sent to a high risk doctor  that checks for genetic disorders. Some people may feel this is an inconvenience, but I do not. I feel blessed to be able to see my baby so often. Everyone has been so nice, they explained everything we went through my entire family history. But it did feel VERY weird not to be able to go into great detail about the other half of my baby. However, I took it in stride and they were very understanding and supportive.

My sister that lives in Baltimore happened to be in town so she was able to attend the appointment with me, which was very nice. My mom also came. It was a great visit. My baby looked great, they took a lot of measurements and there were no signs of trouble. They also took blood, so that will tell a little further if anything is going on. OMG my baby put on a reallll show. She was flipping over, turning her back to us, and turning toward us. Me, my mom and sister were all in tears looking at how active she was being. I was saying, that is "MY BABY", wow still sooo amazing! I was very shocked at how much she was moving around, like we were bothering her.. LOL.

I have 2 appointments in September one with my OB and another with the high risk doctor. At the high risk doctor I will have a level 2 ultrasound were I will be able to find out the sex. I am so amazed at how fast things are moving, but so overwhelmed with joy!  My brother wants to hear the heartbeat so he said he is going to come in town for my 1st appt in Sept. I am probably going to be crying again.. LOL So emotional.

I really have to admit, I am still afraid something may happen. As much as I have seen and as healthy as the doctors say my baby is, I am still completely frightened about miscarriage. I know I shouldn't be and i don't outwardly show it, but the thought is always there. I guess it is normal, I don't know.

I know I have not been as active on my blog, so please forgive me. But when I get home from work I want to rest. Been very tired. But I will try to do better! 

My baby waving at me!!!
 How amazing is that! God is good, just look at this baby growing!

To my Future Child: Always be sweet and caring to others. It will take you a long way in life!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exhausted and Overjoyed!!!

I never thought I would love being pregnant so much. I have been completely exhausted on some days, but that is all so I will take it! No vomiting, very little nausea. I am feeling so blessed. However, I have been so tired a few days last week I had to work from home because I felt as if I was drugged and could not get out of bed. The joys of pregnancy, but I am loving every minute of it.

A lot of people have told me about the exhaustion, but wheww wee it is serious.

I am 10 weeks and 3 days today and I cannot believe how fast time is flying by. I had my very first appointment with my OB and it went absolutely fabulous.  Everyone at the office is so happy for me and it showed. Everything was positive. Because I am 35 they are taking extra special care of me, a few extra appointments, but I am ok with that too. More times to see my baby is a ok with me. They are also going to watch me closely for preclampsia, due to my horrible family history and my up and down battle with hypertension.  My pressure has been great, but again I am welcoming the extra care.

I got to see my baby today and I cannot believe what I saw. She actually looked like a baby and was moving around in there. (Sidenote: wishful thinking on the baby girl) But stopped abruptly as if she was shy and didn't want us to see her boogying in there.. LOL.. I was so overwhelmed with joy. I could not believe how much she has grown.  She is healthy and the doctor was very happy with our progress. She had a strong heartbeat. This is so amazing.

My mom went with me, and the joy on her face was priceless. She cried and cried. And since I am a sucker for seeing my mom cry I was crying too. My tears were also joy, but also feeling so blessed to be able to share with my mom who will be 70 this year. She is still kicking strong and plans to be very active in my baby's life.  I cannot believe how much this baby is loved already, but I do have some very loving people around me.

On the work front they still do not know, and since I just got promoted and I feel like things are about to be shifted around; my HR partner advised me to wait a few more weeks to make my announcement. Not that she feels there will be any ill feelings or actions, but just to see the directions so I can make a decision on what will be the least amount of stress on me during my pregnancy.  I am a little disappointed because I was asked did I want to interview for this prestigious role under my VP, but probably is not a good idea now, since he will require a lot of time and attention from me. I know I will have a lot of appointments, and I never want to give half of my expertise, so it may not be a good idea. It is funny how us women have so many choices to makes when we are in corporate America. Men do not have to deal with this and family matters never seem to come into play. Bottom line is this baby means the world to me and I am ok with passing up this opportunity. One thing I am a strong believer of, if something is for me it will be. I feel that way about this position, if it is for me it will be. Whether before or after the baby is born. I would not trade my current situation for the world, carrying this life is such an honor and a blessing!

I will have to share the picture of my little teddy bear once I scan it, she is sooo cute :-) Got a big ole head, that means lots of brains ;-). What a great day!!!! Thank you Lord!