Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Getting Nervous and Happy Valentine's Day!!

As my big day get closer, I am starting to get nervous!!!

I know God is going to watch over me and Baby K, but when the doctor goes over all the "what if's and could be's" it has gotten to me.  I am sure nerves are apart of all this, but I was cool at one point.  I am trying not to get too worked up,  because I know that will not help at all.

Even through the nerves I am still very excited to see my little girls face and hear her cries.  I wonder every day what I am going to do when I hear that precious cry. I am so giddy!

Still working to get the house in tip top shape and doing all the things I do not want to have to think about later, so I have been busy on my swollen (sausage looking) feet.. LOL. The joys of motherhood. 

Well 2 ish days to go and I can see my Princess!

To  Baby K:  We will meet on Friday and you cannot believe how excited me and your family are to see you.  I know I have said this so many times in these blogs, but you are so loved! Everyone is having their own personal countdowns waiting on your arrival. Today is Valentine's Day, remember to give the love that you receive and sometimes the love you think you should be receiving, it may sometimes get hard but it will surely pay off!  A lot of times life will not be fair, but never let that change who you are and what you are to those whom you love.  No one is perfect, so even those whom say they love you the most may hurt your feelings, but speak up but do not hold a grudge.  Love freely!

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  1. Today is the 17th!!

    Tate and I are wishing Baby K the happiest of Happy BIRTHdays!!! xo